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Automatic Oil Delivery

Never wait at home for deliveries or worry about making COD payments. We will monitor your oil usage with our degree-day system. Automatic delivery is an assurance of your tank always remaining above 1/4 of a tank. Reassurance you will never be without heat or hot water during the frigid winter season. (download application).

Will Call

Order your oil as you need delivery. Once your order is placed we will make your delivery in a timely manner based on your need.

Volume Discounts

Get the best prices available by ordering in volume. Call us for Discounted Pricing (860-889-4442).

Senior Rates

Receive senior discounts off our already competitive prices by reducing your price by an additional .02 cents per gallon.

Neighborhood Discounts

In our company, what makes sense IS TRUE. By servicing your neighborhood all once, you an SAVE $ FOR EVERYONE! We will lower your price per gallon based on the number of participants. Call for details! You can’t go wrong!


Budget Program

We can budget your yearly cost equally over an eleven month period. This will help you avoid excessive heating bills during an already financially burdened Holiday Season. This program runs August to June. CLICK HERE for our budget form or call us for details.

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